Since 1981, the Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation has provided scholarship funds to institutions that welcome and support students with disabilities. The Newcombe Foundation values the programs, initiatives, and aspects of organizational design within these institutions that effectively recognize and serve the needs of these students. The programs featured in this Spotlight section were not created by Newcombe funding, but are examples of effective efforts by institutions to assist and support students with disabilities as they navigate the process of earning a college degree.

Featured programs include:

  • Farleigh Dickinson University – June 2016
    Addressing Language-based Learning Disabilities: The Regional Center
    Providing comprehensive support for students with learning disabilities with the goal of creating independent learners
  • Brooklyn College – December 2011
    Meeting the Needs of Urban Students with Disabilities
    Providing a comprehensive program that offers access to higher education for students with disabilities
  • McDaniel College – September 2011
    Teaching Teachers of the Deaf
    A Deaf Education program with a bilingual philosophy
  • Temple University – September 2011
    Links to a featured article in Temple's Review magazine and Temple's new Disability Resources and Services website
  • New York University – March 2011
    Accommodating Students with Disabilities in a Global Network
    Meeting the needs of students with disabilities studying at international sites
  • Temple University – December 2010
    Meeting the Growing Needs of Students with Disabilities
    Offering a sweeping range of initiatives to help students with disabilities get equal access to the best that a Temple education has to offer
  • Gallaudet University – July 2010
    Preparing Students for the Marketplace: Gallaudet University Career Center
    Offering internships to deaf and hard-of-hearing students that integrate liberal education with experience in the workplace
  • Long Island University – Brooklyn Campus
    – June 2010
    Raising Awareness on Campus and Beyond
    Engaging students, faculty and community members in a campus event to raise awareness of challenges and abilities of students with disabilities
  • Edinboro University – April 2010
    Attendant Care Services
    Providing personal care services for students with significant physical disabilities
  • Penn State – January 2010
    Disability Awareness Month:
    "Diversability" Events
    Campus events that raise awareness of challenges and successes of students with disabilities