Feature article in Temple's Review magazine and a look at the new Disability Resources and Services web page
- Temple University
  September 2011

Last spring, Temple University's Review magazine featured an article that highlighted the work of the office of Disability Resources and Services titled "All-Inclusive Education." The article focused on the many ways that DRS "promotes a rich living and learning atmosphere for every Temple student" by providing access to academic and professional opportunities. We encourage you to read the article in its entirety.

In addition, Temple has redesigned its website to include videos offering information for students with disabilities about navigating campus life, about Access TU and its focus on self-advocacy, and a very practical clip offering suggestions about how to disclose a disability and discuss necessary accommodations with faculty members. Links to information for families, for faculty members, and answers to "frequently asked questions" are also highlighted on this site.

Please take a look at this informative resource: www.temple.edu/studentaffairs/disability.

For more information about Temple's office of Disability Resources and Services, contact John Bennett, Director.