Contributing to Newcombe Scholarships

The Newcombe Foundation welcomes and encourages others to support the Newcombe Scholarships program, either directly through the Foundation or through one of our college or university partners. Your donations will add to funds contributed by the Foundation and others, providing more scholarship opportunities for students who face particular challenges completing degrees in higher education.

Option 1: Contribute to an institution’s Newcombe-endowed Scholarship Fund

For most donors, we recommend a tax-deductible donation to the Newcombe-endowed scholarship fund that has been established at the institution of your choice. At least half of the money in each such fund comes from donors like you, solicited by the institution, who wish to help that college or university provide scholarship support for the targeted group of students (depending on the institution, this may be Mature Students, Students With Disabilities, or another designated group).

Click here for a list of the institutions that currently have Newcombe-endowed scholarship funds. For further information about how to donate to a particular fund, contact the institution or the Newcombe Foundation.

Option 2: Contribute directly through the Newcombe Foundation

The Foundation also welcomes inquiries from potential major donors interested in underwriting a significant expansion of the Foundation’s program. As the need for scholarship and fellowship support continues to grow, the Newcombe Foundation is uniquely situated to assist targeted groups of students and to help its partner institutions retain a consistent focus on those students’ needs. To discuss possibilities, please contact Executive Director Gianna Durso-Finley at the Foundation’s office.