Special Scholarship Endowments

No grants are made directly to individuals.

The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation, by establishing and augmenting Special Scholarship Endowment funds at selected colleges and universities, continues Mrs. Newcombe’s interest in helping students complete degrees in higher education. The Foundation awards grants to selected institutions, not to individual students. Each funded institution selects scholarship recipients and administers the scholarship program according to institutional and Foundation policies.

Similar to the endowed funds established through the Foundation’s programs for Mature Students and Students with Disabilities, each Special Scholarship Endowment grant awarded by the Foundation is matched through the efforts of the institution. Current grants are designated to benefit a specified economically disadvantaged population of students that the institution serves.

As of 2016, eighteen colleges and universities maintain special Newcombe-endowed scholarship funds with a combined market value of $8.4 million. Since their inception, these funds have generated $5 million for Newcombe Scholarships at these institutions. During 2015-16 alone, these funds generated $382,073.

Prior grant recipients that continue to award Newcombe Scholarships from the proceeds of Newcombe-endowed funds: