Foundation Receives Award for Distinguished Service to Education

Posted on July 1, 2010

The Trustees of The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation are pleased to announce that the Foundation has received the 2010 James L. Fisher Award for Distinguished Service to Education from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). According to CASE, “The James L. Fisher Award honors individuals, organizations, corporations, foundations, and publications for extraordinary service to education of national and/or international significance.” CASE’s announcement of this year’s awardees is available here, and the long list of distinguished past recipients may be viewed here.

The Foundation, which does not actively seek awards, was nominated for this recognition by Dr. Antoine Garibaldi, the president of Gannon University in Erie PA, with letters of support from The Pennsylvania State University, Rutgers University and the Institute for Citizens & Scholars. These are among the one hundred institutions through which the Newcombe Foundation has funded over 1,000 doctoral dissertation fellowships and well over 30,000 undergraduate scholarships since 1981. The award was presented at a luncheon during CASE’s annual Summit for Advancement Leaders in New York City on July 19. The Foundation was honored by the presence at the event of thirty-seven representatives from twenty-three Newcombe-funded institutions. According to Joanne Catlett, the Director of Awards Programs for CASE, “I can’t remember ever having this many people turn out for one of our Distinguished Service Award recipients before – pretty exciting! It certainly speaks loudly to the respect they have for the Foundation.” Photographs from the event appear below.

In its formal citation accompanying the award, CASE said, “What distinguishes the Newcombe Foundation from other funding organizations … is the foundation’s nearly 30-year commitment to help underserved individuals, including students with disabilities and adult women returning to school, complete their education and the personal involvement of its staff and trustees with scholarship recipients and participating institutions. Trustees and staff take great interest in the scholarship recipients and the programs that support them by sending letters of encouragement, visiting the campuses of partner institutions and meeting scholarship recipients one-on-one to create a more personal relationship.” The citation then quotes Dr. Garibaldi saying, “The Newcombe Foundation’s unique approach to administering scholarships has created a community of recipients and providers that raises this scholarship program to an unusual level of excellence.”

In his remarks upon accepting the award on behalf of the Newcombe Foundation Trustees, Executive Director Thomas Wilfrid said, “Although much has changed in higher education, we marvel each year at the wisdom of [the Trustees’] initial focus (to award grants each year to colleges and universities that demonstrate a special commitment to the success of students in a designated group); students need scholarships more than ever, and institutions benefit when donors are both faithfully supportive and attentive.”

An article describing the award and the work of the Newcombe Foundation was published in the Trenton Times and is available here. For further information about The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation, its history and mission, please consult the Foundation’s website.

Newcombe Trustees Janet Fearon and Elizabeth Frank at the CASE awards ceremony

Newcombe Foundation Trustees Janet Fearon (seated, left) and Elizabeth Frank hold the CASE Fisher Award Citation at the July 19 CASE Awards Luncheon in New York City. Standing, left to right, are CASE Board Chair Cassie McVeety, Foundation Executive Director Thomas Wilfrid and Trustee Bart Luedeke, and CASE President John Lippincott.

Foundation staff and trustees a the CASE award ceremony

Seated, left to right, Newcombe Foundation Program Associate Diane Wilfrid, Executive Director Thomas Wilfrid and Trustees Janet Fearon, Bart Luedeke and Elizabeth Frank are congratulated by some of the thirty-seven representatives of twenty-three Newcombe-funded colleges and universities who attended the Awards Luncheon.

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