Scholarships for Mature Students

No grants are made directly to students.
Students should contact their institution’s
financial aid and scholarship offices.

The Foundation values the partnerships established with Newcombe-funded institutions and encourages programs and initiatives that effectively serve mature students.

The typical Newcombe Scholarship recipient is thirty-five years old and a maintains strong academic performance. Many Newcombe Scholars attended a community college prior to their current institution. The proportion of part-time and full-time student recipients varies according to institution, and the majority of recipients work full or part time and volunteer in their communities.

Through the Foundation’s partnership with funded institutions, student scholarship money comes from current year grants from the Foundation, matching funds provided by institutions, and income from Newcombe-endowed funds.

Grants for 2022-23:

In addition, 22 previously funded institutions continue to provide Newcombe Scholarships from Newcombe-endowed scholarship funds: