Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

No grants are made directly to individual students.

The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation continues the legacy of Mrs. Newcombe, who was unable to attend college because of a visual impairment, by assisting students with disabilities in their quest for higher education. No grants are made directly to individual students. Colleges and universities receive grants from the Foundation and are responsible for selection of recipients and for scholarship administration, following guidelines established by the Foundation. Campus committees of counselors, faculty members and financial aid officers review applications, award scholarships and report to the Foundation.

These grants support completion of degrees by students with disabilities who have documented financial need. Scholarships may be applied either to the student’s tuition and fees or to offset the student’s disability-related expenses that lie beyond the institution’s accommodation mandates and are not coverable by public disability agencies or other financial resources.

Newcombe Scholarships are provided through partnerships between the Newcombe Foundation and selected colleges and universities that welcome enrollment by students with disabilities and are committed to their success. Through regular conferences, the CWNF website, and contact with program coordinators, the Foundation recognizes and encourages institutions who effectively serve students with disabilities. The Foundation also helps college and university partners build endowed funds that strengthen their long-term capacity to sustain a Newcombe Scholarships program.

Through the Foundation’s partnership with funded institutions, money for Newcombe Scholarships comes from current year grants from the Foundation, matching funds provided by institutions, and income from Newcombe-endowed funds.

Grants for 2020-21:

In addition, seven previously funded institutions continue to provide Newcombe Scholarships from Newcombe-endowed scholarship funds:

Since its inception, the Foundation has provided $10 million in grants for Newcombe Scholarships for Students With Disabilities at twenty-six colleges and universities. As of 2015-16, Newcombe-endowed funds at ten of these institutions reported a combined market value of $3.7 million. Cumulatively, income from these funds has added $1.2 million for Newcombe Scholarship awards to students with disabilities.